100 Avenue Road: Camden Council defer final decision at fractious planning meeting

An artist's impression of the 100 Avenue Road development.

An artist's impression of the 100 Avenue Road development. - Credit: Archant

The plans to redevelop 100 Avenue Road hit a bump in the road last night, after a heated Camden Council planning committee meeting saw the Construction Management Plan (CMP) for the Swiss Cottage project rejected.

The meeting was broken up when some campaigners berated the committee, after it appeared they believed the management plan had been thrown out and would need to be re-drawn.

Instead the committee are set to ask a Transport for London (TfL) representative to speak to them about restrictions on certain routes into the building site.

In an application that took two hours to discuss, members on the planning committee quizzed Camden’s planning officers on how construction traffic would access the site and the effect of the development on nearby roads, and Swiss Cottage market.

Plans were passed last year to knock down the former office block, and build 184 flats — as well as retail and community space.

The sticking point was over how the 57 lorries a day will access the site on the A41/Avenue Road, a total of 114 truck “movements”.

The plans put forward would see 50 lorries using Avenue Road, and seven entering through the residential street of Eton Avenue, via Winchester Road.

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The meeting was subject to regular outbursts from members of the public in attendance, and chair Cllr Heather Johnson had to admonish members of the public for interrupting.

Several councillors asked why it wasn’t possible for the seven lorries on Winchester Road to be added to the number coming through Avenue Road.

Barry Coltrini from developer Essential Living said the number couldn’t be raised because the length of the “pit stop” that trucks will queue in for the site can only take two at a time.

After questioning from Cllr Sue Vincent, Mr Coltrini said the “pit lane” couldn’t be extended because of the nature of the site.

Planning officer Jonathan McClue also said adding another seven lorries coming through Avenue Road would mean extending the project from three years to five.

He said if this were to be the case, TfL wouldn’t give their approval.

An alternative route on-and-off the site from Avenue Road had also been rejected because of the weight construction traffic would put on the Underground station below.

Cllr Oliver Cooper asked whether TfL’s information had been tested by the planning team, he was told: “We have assessed them in the same way we assess other applications.”

After the vote to reject the current plan, and defer approving a new one until a later date, tensions spilled over as campaigners shouted at the committee.

Janine Sachs, from Save Swiss Cottage, shouted that deferring it meant “it could just be approved tomorrow anyway.”

Another said: “I thought this was a democracy.”

The meeting was then suspended for ten minutes.

A date has yet to be set for the clarified CMP to be brought in front of the committee.