1 Avenue Road: Haringey supported housing residents baffled by ‘path to nowhere’

The 'path to nowhere' at 1 Avenue Road in Shepherd's Hill. Picture: Sam Volpe

The 'path to nowhere' at 1 Avenue Road in Shepherd's Hill. Picture: Sam Volpe - Credit: Archant

Vulnerable residents in supported housing in Crouch End are baffled by the construction of a “garden path to nowhere”.

Speaking to the Broadway, three tenants at the Homes for Haringey (HfH) property at 1 Avenue Road, Shepherd's Hill, told this newspaper they didn't understand how the non-essential and "pointless" path had been built even as their homes suffer with subsidence, drainage, damp and vermin issues which HfH - an arm's length organisation who run Haringey's social housing - has not fixed despite numerous complaints.

But HfH suggested the works had been suggested by other residents, and promised to look into the litany of issues raised with this newspaper.

Mark Hilbert, 63, complained the path was "not going to be used by anybody here".

He said: "It's not so much about myself or my issues, but I can't see why they would keep it like this when there are things that need doing, cracks in the windows, subsidence..."

One his neighbours in the supported housing scheme, Hilda Johnson, also 63, added: "I can't cope, I have been here 13 years and they've never, for example, cleaned the grouting out.

"I'm in a wheelchair, I can't go up that path."

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Criticising the drainage at 1 Avenue Road, James Walsh, another resident, said: "What's the point in doing this pathway when we have got all these water problems?

"You have to be so careful walking on the pavement."

Though the residents we spoke to felt their concerns often went ignored, a HfH spokesperson said: "Residents at one of our supported housing blocks in Avenue Road raised concerns about the state of the path by the side of the building, at one of the regular estate walkabouts our staff carry out with residents."

They added that HfH had agreed to reconstruct the path down the garden "to allow residents access to enjoy the garden area".

The spokesperson continued: "The block is also scheduled for major works in 2020/21, where windows will be replaced.

"This is part of a regular scheme of works across the borough."

HfH said it had taken steps to fix a number of issues raised with it, including by sending a surveyor to inspect one of the relevant homes.

The landlord confirmed it would investigate pest control concerns.