Domestic staff agency launches helpful employment guide

Diana Graham

Diana Graham - Credit: SUPPLIED

An initiative by a Highgate domestic staff agency, The Graham Agency, is a boon to the rising number of London families employing domestic staff.
They have made their unique: “The Essential Guide To Employing Domestic Staff” downloadable and free for every household venturing into the world of employing domestic staff. It takes them through everything they need to know. There is no sign-up or registration required when downloading.
For those already employing domestic staff, the guide has a range of essential reminders, tips and updates to help the relationship go smoothly.

Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham - Credit: SUPPLIED

The Graham Agency has updated the Guide from its first edition in 2013 to include new aspects of Covid-19 protection and all relevant changes in employment law that, domestic staff employers, will need to know.
The agency, run by Diana and Stephen Graham, has been in business for more than 30 years. specialising in London and the home counties.
“The guide is full of important information and a host of useful tips,” says principal, Diana Graham.
The Essential Guide To Employing Domestic Staff is divided into 24 sections, the guide takes the employer, or potential employer, from their first step in finding the right person to work in one’s home, to registering as an employer plus the legal aspects of employment contracts. Offering a job subject to a health check is covered, as are pension payment obligations.
The intricacies of Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay or Adoption Pay and Shared Parental Pay are all explained in an easy-to-follow style.
Issues which have come into focus since the ending of furlough for staff in the Covid-19 pandemic include: annual leave and
holiday entitlements, building up and carrying over holiday entitlements, calculating holiday pay and Statutory Sick Pay
Practical elements including: How much guidance should you give your employees on carrying out their work? On safe handling of electrical equipment in kitchens and elsewhere in the home. It also covers food handling procedures.
If your employee leaves, do you have to give a reference? What you can and cannot say are all covered together with other additional information and tips.
To obtain “The Essential Guide to Employing Domestic Staff” simply click onto the Home Page of the The Graham Agency’s website at and download the Guide.
There is no sign-up, registration or request for personal details.