Why wallpaper is king this year and what to pick

Casamance Copper Wallpaper Collection, Living In Space, NW3, living-inspace.co.uk

Casamance Copper Wallpaper Collection, Living In Space, NW3, living-inspace.co.uk - Credit: Archant

With the abundance of new and exciting wallpapers on the market there’s no excuse not to splash out on some seriously snazzy wall coverings, especially if you’re in the don’t move, improve brigade and likely to be staying put for a while. But what trends will bring your walls up to speed?

Janine Rose, of Sally Bourne Interiors, has noticed huge changes in the industry.

“The world of wallpaper has completely transformed in the past five years,” she says. There’s never been a more exciting time to dip your toes into the new wallpaper frontier. “People are being much braver now. It’s not just the feature wall anymore; it’s the full room in all its glory.”

Papering an entire room sounds daunting, but as Rose explains it can actually produce the reverse effect. “Wallpaper gives a softer look in a room than paint because of the way it absorbs the light differently.”

If you don’t want to take the plunge straight away, Sally Bourne Interiors offers an individual colour consultancy service to help you harmonise your paper and your paint.

“Choose your paper before you choose your paint,” advises Rose. “It’s much easier to match paint to a paper than vice versa.”

When choosing your paper you may be surprised at the sheer wealth of options on offer. “Innovations with texture and digital prints have opened up a whole new world for wallpaper.” Rose also points out that new technologies mean wall coverings are about so much more than repetitive prints and the growth of digital designs has attracted a younger audience.

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If that’s not futuristic enough, you can even get interactive wallpaper where the magnetic pattern can be rearranged on a whim – perfect if you’re an interiors commitment-phobe.

The digital revolution has bought a more democratic element to wall coverings. As Rose explains, “wallpaper that used to be much more exclusive has now become widely available.” There’s nothing to come between you and the bold walls of your dreams.

Sometimes, though, exclusivity is exactly what you’re aiming for. If you prefer your couture on your walls than in your wardrobe, get yourself to the Fromental showroom. Their super luxe designs are hand painted and embroidered, with each panel requiring a painstaking 600 hours of work from their talented artists and craftsmen.

The exquisite attention to detail makes for a show-stopping effect, with each wall a work of art in itself. Fromental’s designers draw on the lustrous origins of wall coverings, bringing 18th century Chinoiserie designs into the 21st century with distinctly modern modes of working with textiles.

Don’t think you need a huge space to show off these incredible designs, however. Diane McKaye says: “Scenic wallpaper tends to make a small space feel bigger than small scale designs.” So tear down granny’s twee repeating flower designs and install a sweeping vista of painted silk.

When it comes to trends such beautiful pieces stand the test of time. “Chinoiserie will always remain popular amongst discerning clientele and form a core part of our collection,” explains McKaye. If you prefer the sublime power of nature to the whimsy of the Far East, Fromental can help you bring the outside in. “Highly stylised landscapes which verge on abstraction such as our Rockface design are enjoying a revival.”

Texture is another over-riding trend in modern wallpaper designs. Anita Kohn, owner and director of Living in space says: “We are seeing an increasing trend towards texture over pattern, as application is smoother, faster and often less costly when achieved through a wallpaper as opposed to a paint finish.”

Rendering a two dimensional surface 3D with the use of wallpaper is a speedy way to bring interest and depth to a room.

Picking paper over paint also has practical applications. “Often textures can be rendered in a vinyl finish too making them durable and easy to wipe down – perfect for hallways and family rooms,” suggests Kohn.

Practical needn’t be boring, however. “Colour rendering is also becoming more popular,” says Kohn.

She suggests keeping the subject matter natural. “Think of plants and landscapes rendered in soft abstract watercolours for a dreamy kaleidoscope effect.”

With so many exciting new options to choose from, there’s never been a better time to get papering.