Why reclaimed oak is worth the investment

Reclaimed Oak Locker Cabinet, �2,795, alexanderandpearl.co.uk

Reclaimed Oak Locker Cabinet, �2,795, alexanderandpearl.co.uk - Credit: Archant

Solid oak is probably one of the most durable materials to opt for when buying furniture.

Billy Coffee Table, £295, lukuhome.com

Billy Coffee Table, £295, lukuhome.com - Credit: Archant

Reclaimed wood will cost a little extra – mostly because of the special processing technology. Yet, this extra cost is generally worth it.

If, for instance, you are buying a reclaimed oak dining table, you can benefit from several important advantages – advantages non-reclaimed material will not offer you.

According to online retailer FurnitureInFashion, reclaimed oak is one of the best materials to go for when buying a dining table.

That’s because it is solid and high-temperature processing ensures the wood dries quickly so, it becomes damage resistant and preserves its original shape in any environment.

Tennessee American Oak Writing Desk, £1177, artisanti.com

Tennessee American Oak Writing Desk, £1177, artisanti.com - Credit: Archant

Special processing technology makes reclaimed oak resistant to moisture which is the biggest weakness of the non-reclaimed wooden furniture.

A spokesman from the company said: “If you want to forget about accidental spills and controlling the level of humidity in your room, a reclaimed oak dining table can definitely come in handy.

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“You should also note this wood comes in a variety of hues and shades – from incredibly light to deep dark ones.

“So, finding a perfect palette for your interior will be simple.”

Industrial Desk2, £295, refunked.com

Industrial Desk2, £295, refunked.com - Credit: Archant

According to experts, all of these benefits mean that oak furniture is very long lasting and a real investment.

“If you are looking for something that can last over the decades while preserving the original look and feel – reclaimed wood is what you need.

“Purchasing reclaimed oak furniture is a wise decision.

If you are looking for furniture models that will actually last, you should be prepared to invest a little extra.

In comparison to non-reclaimed wood, properly processed furniture items will cost just a bit higher – yet, they will definitely be more solid and usable,” says FurnitureInFashion’s spokesman.

What to look out for when buying oak furniture

Its pieces should fit together and there should not be any gaps.

The plane of the furniture should also be level and smooth.

Make sure you buy solid and not oak veneer furniture as both look similar.

Consider how the furniture is put together as this craftsmanship determines how strong and durable your furniture is.

Furniture with joints is stronger and more durable than furniture that’s glued together.