West Hampstead’s property boom comes as a shock even to this north west specialist

Lee Cash, Oakhill Residential

Lee Cash, Oakhill Residential - Credit: Archant

Lee Cash of Oakhill Residential in West Hampstead has worked in property in the area for years, but even he finds the rise of the area surprising.

What’s special/different about your agency?

Oakhill Residential is the result of two decades of experience, brought together in a young and fresh approach.

We are specialists in selling and renting residential property in north west London. Nowhere else. That means we can serve you better by being masters of our area and knowing every nook and cranny in it.

The agency is our own independent business, and it shows. We work harder, faster and simply with more passion than a branch office of a chain ever could.

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in Mill Hill, with my wife and daughter.

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Why did you buy your current property? What’s your favourite thing about it?

I bought my current house because I saw the potential it had. The house hadn’t been touched for decades and was on a plot where you could see there was plenty of scope. It also had the advantage of being near the park and a fabulous nursery.

If you weren’t an estate agent what would you be?

I’ve always been an estate agent, so it’s difficult to imagine myself doing anything else.

When did you buy your first property and what was it like?

I bought my first property when I was 19 years old, when you could actually borrow 97 per cent from the bank. It was a studio flat, very small but I loved it and it enabled me to get on the property ladder relatively early.

What’s your dream house?

A happy family home.

What’s the most shocking/surprising thing you’ve seen on the job?

The most surprising thing has to be the jump in prices over the last few years.

In what ways has the local property market changed since you started out?

The biggest change has to be how desirable West Hampstead has become over the last few years and how difficult it’s become for first time buyers to jump onto the property ladder. Prices seem to just keep rising year on year and I don’t think anyone could imagine West Hampstead to be where it is today.

What are your top tips for the local area?

West Hampstead really is a thriving & friendly community. For food & drinks I would recommend Moments café for brunch followed by One Sixty for dinner. If you fancied a few drinks, you could always pop into the Alice House.