Try the app that will revolutionise your property search

A new piece of property technology is helping users easily compare postcodes

A new piece of property technology is helping users easily compare postcodes - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Trying to contrast and compare between postcodes can be daunting, which is why OneDome created postode comparison tool Locality Reality to empower users with data

North Londoners are fiercely loyal to their postcode.

Asking someone to debate the difference between NW3 and NW6 could lead to a heated dinner party debate.

Postcode loyalty aside, one property technology start up OneDome could settle the argument once and for all.

Locality Reality is a tool that allows users to enter a postcode and receive its score out of 10.

In fact, it was the debates that inspired Babek Ismayil, CEO of OneDome, to come up with the concept of ‘explore and score’.

Mr Ismayil said:

“The idea struck me after noticing a pattern where people repeatedly had healthy debates about their respective areas. Their conversations would revolve around whose area was safer, had better schools, or better shopping facilities.”

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When some close friends had a baby and started looking to move to a more family friendly area, he realised that there was no single resource that could provide unbiased, verifiable data in a simple format that allowed for easy comparison.

He enlisted the help of two PhD data scientists to crunch the numbers and develop a system of seven key scoring criteria.

Users can enter their postcode – or the postcode of a property they are considering – and receive a score based on transport, education, safety, quietness, lifestyle, green credentials, and even proximity to the supermarket.

Mr Ismayil hopes that by bringing a scientific approach to property searches he can enable people to make informed choices, particularly in an expensive borough like Camden.

“We pay a big premium for location. It’s time to put this into perspective – is it really worth it?” he said.

He added: “Most home buyers and renters are queuing for that “one area” everyone wants to move to. What we have developed is a tool that allows people to discover areas that could be more suited, and even more accessible. We empower everyone to discover their own “best area” using a data-powered engine as their trusted guide.”

Of course, there’s only so much data can tell you about the feel of an area - check out our library of north London area guides for the human touch when it comes to your property search.