The off piste wedding gift guide

Interiors themed wedding gifts any couple would love

Interiors themed wedding gifts any couple would love - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Looking to buy a wedding gift that’s not on the list? Here are 17 chic buys that are guaranteed to make any couple supremely happy

Whatever your opinion on wedding gifts, with the season of matrimony upon us you’re likely to encounter your fair share this summer.

But along with summer rain and drunken uncles, you can’t predict a smooth wedding guest experience on someone else’s big day.

Occasionally, gift registry disaster strikes. Maybe you’ve left it too late and all the good items are gone and you simply can’t bring yourself to fork out for a depressing salad spinner and a garish tea towel.

Perhaps the couple are desperately modern and eschewing a gift list altogether and you’ve been left to desperately freestyle (yes our presence is present enough but who doesn’t love a good gift?).

Personally I’m a bit of a gift list rebel. More often than not the couple in question have been merrily cohabiting for years, so the tradition of contributing to their married life seems little more than a shameless grab for a toaster upgrade.

This is where the off piste guest list comes in to play. Of course, there are rules. You need to have reached a certain level of expertise to leave the safety of the list.

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Don’t buy anything weird or personal in nature (leave the joke gifts and naughty toys to the respective hen/stag dos).

Don’t be cheap: your gift doesn’t have to cost a great deal but it should be selected with care.

Conversely, don’t show off and buy a wildly expensive gift unless you are sure the recipient will like it, have use for it, or room for it.

If you’ve had to travel far, spend money on accommodation, and/or already contributed to engagement parties or otherwise, spread your budget accordingly.

Finally, money can’t buy taste, so don’t spend time and money only to purchase something tacky that will swiftly be chucked, donated or re-gifted.

Luckily, if you’re a north Londoner you’ve probably got it in spades and the happy pair will surely be delighted with your stylish selection.

If you’re stumped for inspiration the following are all supremely tasteful gifts any newlywed would be delighted to receive.

From a cheap and chic copper cocktail muddler to a stunning oriental style wedding cabinet there’s something for every budget.