The Hampstead Garden Suburb property expert who loves gadgets and gizmos aplenty

Amit Soni, Associate Director, Glentree

Amit Soni, Associate Director, Glentree - Credit: Nigel Sutton

Family man Amit Soni on why he loves living in the Suburb, and why his dream home includes all the latest technology

What’s special about your agency?

We’ve been established for a long time - Glentree has been around for almost 40 years. We specialise Hampstead Garden Suburb so we have great local expertise. We’re lucky that we’ve got some amazing stock and we get to deal with some amazing properties.

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in the suburb with my wife and two children.

Why did you buy your current property? What’s your favourite thing about it?

I bought my current property in another area, so we are currently renting here and looking out for a nice three or four bedroom property.

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If you weren’t an estate agent what would you be?

I have no idea – I’ve honestly never thought about it! I became an estate agent and I never looked back. If I had to do something else, I think I’d be running a business of some sort.

What’s your dream house?

A house somewhere on Ingram Avenue or Stormont Road. Something large, detached and modern, and complete with all the gadgets and gizmos.

How long have you been an estate agent? What’s the most shocking/surprising thing you’ve seen on the job?

I’ve been an estate agent for 15 years. I’ve seen too many shocking things to say, and besides discretion is key in this business.

How has the local property market changed since you started out?

The market itself hasn’t changed much in this area, it’s just got a lot busier and of course prices have gone up. We cover a small area, and demand has got increasingly high. There are a lot more people wanting to move into the area. Prime rental property is currently very popular, as buyers are holding back until after the referendum.

What are your top tips for the local area?

Kenwood Park is a highlight, as well as the general feel of the suburb. It’s definitely a family orientated area. There are lots of parks and good schools – that’s why I moved here with my family.

Are you good at Monopoly?

Yes, but then who isn’t? I think it’s quite hard to be bad at Monopoly. We always play it during family get-togethers.