Three Billionaires' Row flats eligible for Sunak's council tax relief

The Bishops Avenue, Barnet, known as "Billionaires' Row"

The Bishops Avenue, Barnet, known as "Billionaires' Row" - Credit: André Langlois

Barnet’s The Bishops Avenue, otherwise known as Billionaires' Row, is famous for its multi-million-pound homes and celebrity residents. 

Which is why it may come as some surprise to learn that three flats on the road will qualify for the council tax relief recently unveiled by chancellor Rishi Sunak. 

Mr Sunak’s announcement on February 3 detailed how properties sitting within bands A to D will be eligible for a £150 tax rebate as a means of tackling the current cost of living crisis.  

The three flats, which sit on the same site as £19 million Falcon House, are all in band B, and so qualify for the relief. 

The rebate was announced in addition to an upfront £200 discount on gas bills in October, which is non-optional and will require £40 to be paid back annually over five years. 

In the Commons, shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves accused Mr Sunak of imposing a “buy now, pay later scheme that loads up costs for tomorrow”. 

She said that the proposals would result in “high prices as far as the eye can see”, declaring: “The Conservatives aren’t solving the cost-of-living crisis because the Conservatives are the cost-of-living crisis.”