Shop of the month: SZY Interiors

Suzy at SZY Design, Perrins Court, NW3

Suzy at SZY Design, Perrins Court, NW3 - Credit: Polly Hancock

Suzy Hilton has 17 years of hands-on interior design experience. What started as a one-off project for a friend has now become a thriving business

Suzy has 17 years experience designing and styling homes across north London

Suzy has 17 years experience designing and styling homes across north London - Credit: Polly Hancock

Three months ago she opened her store in Hampstead’s picture perfect Perrins Court, giving clients both new and familiar the chance to get up close and personal when designing their dream home – and pick up a few lovely home accessories into the bargain.


Hilton operates almost as the polar opposite of that standardised interiors yardstick, Kelly Hoppen. Clients don’t come here for an identikit look that could be found on a million Pinterest boards. Instead you’ll come away with a completely unique vision of holistic luxury for your home.

The designer prefers to work with swathes over swatches, so you can get a proper feel for how materials will work together in situ. She keeps a veritable library of books and samples downstairs, and is meticulous when it comes to hunting down the perfect piece of ponyskin or patent leather.

Hilton works on a very personal level, preferring to get to know her clients and their tastes intimately. Don’t be surprised if she gets a spookily good read on you from your outfit or your posture, or requests that family members drop by so she can get a better picture of who will inhabit the finished rooms.

Always led by the client as individual, that doesn’t mean she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Hilton doesn’t hold back when it comes to clients trying to strip out prized period features and has an ingenious streak when it comes to repurposing existing materials. There are three price points to work with, and whilst Hilton has a lot of luxe materials in her arsenal of suppliers, she’ll always opt for practicality over all-out opulence.

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What’s the look?

Walking through the door feels like walking in to a particularly stylish yet welcoming front room. An interior designer’s space is their calling card, and Hilton’s keen eye for combining colours and textures is immediately apparent in the subtle yet smart mix of materials. The shop is filled with natural light thanks to the large glazed windows looking out on to Perrins Court and the fabulous feature wall of white geometric bevelling. It’s a practical choice as much as an aesthetic one, allowing you to get a good understanding of how a fabric will look in the flesh.

All the furniture has been chosen for function as much as form. Visitors can take a seat on the cool but comfortable arm chairs whilst Hilton dances about selecting lookbooks from behind sliding panels in the modern shelving units or demonstrating the chameleon qualities of materials against a glass lamp or framed panel of wall covering.

Best for

Those looking for a totally unique, tactile and personal touch to their home. Whilst popping in to finesse your fabric choices, don’t be surprised if you end up walking out with a lovely gift, either for a friend or for your own home. Hilton started her interiors business by selling home accessories at private parties and plans to start stocking more carefully chosen lines in the near future.

For now, lovers of light and lovely smells will be hard pressed to resist the ONNO candles that gently perfume the air. Hand poured in to a rich, dark hand cut glass, these candles are object d’art glow like dragon’s eggs as they throw off exotic scents.

Who shops there?

Hilton has built up her client list through word of mouth throughout her career, and they stay fiercely loyal. She’s currently working on the first home of a client she first worked with on their teenage bedroom. Don’t expect any name dropping or budget boasting, Hilton sees her clients as friends and guards their privacy well. If you want to get the SZY treatment you’ll need to be swift. Now she’s got a bricks and mortar store her services are even more in demand.

8 Perrins Court, Hampstead, NW3 1QS

/ 0207 794 1001