Stop, hammer time: this lettings negotiator has already seen a lot in his year on the job

Lazar Radibratovic, Lettings Negotiator, Hadleigh Residential

Lazar Radibratovic, Lettings Negotiator, Hadleigh Residential - Credit: Archant

Why would you bring a hammer to a house viewing? This law graduate turned lettings negotiator found out

What’s special about your agency?

Hadleigh Residential is really quite unique in my opinion. It’s a very professional agency, but we also have a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

Where do you live and with whom?

I’ve recently relocated from my parents’ house to a houseshare in Archway. I live with someone of a similar age, he’s very friendly and we work similar hours. It’s nice to be a bit more independent and living on your own is a good experience to have.

If you weren’t an estate agent what would you be?

I’d probably just be a lawyer. I graduated with a law degree a few years ago, but I realised I’d rather be a real estate agent. You get to meet more people and get out from behind your desk with this job.

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What’s your dream house?

It wouldn’t have to be anything too fancy. I’d like multiple bedrooms, as I want to have a family one day. A quiet location would be nice, as well as some green space as I value being around nature.

How long have you been an estate agent? What’s the most shocking/surprising thing you’ve seen on the job?

I’ve been an estate agent for around a year now, and I’m enjoying it so far. There’s a lot more to learn but I’ve picked up a lot already. You quickly become much more confident and comfortable talking to people, especially over the phone.

You’d be surprised at how much I’ve seen already! I had one applicant for a flat viewing who was very concerned about the noise levels in the property. He started jumping up and down to test the floors, then took out a small hammer and started knocking on the walls. He clearly came prepared to find a quiet home!

How has the local property market changed since you started out?

Letting enquiries have been very steady. There have been some quiet periods, but you can always anticipate an increase as sales slow down.

What are your top tips for the local area?

One of the key features of the local area is Haverstock Hill. It’s got old fashioned bakeries, plenty of restaurants and bars. It’s like a unique village in the metropolis of London. The Heath is perfect backdrop for taking a walk to clear your head or for relaxing with friends on a warm summer day.

Are you good at Monopoly?

I think the last time I played was 15 years ago! So I’d be quite an average player now.

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