Shed your winter weather worries

The Posh Shed Company

The Posh Shed Company - Credit: The Posh Shed Company

How to ensure the maintenance of your shed throughout the colder months

The Posh Shed Company

The Posh Shed Company - Credit: Photopia Photography

For many people their shed is an extension of their home, especially now that sheds are often used for so much more than simple storage solutions. It makes sense, then, to prepare your shed for the impending winter weather, just as you would prepare your house.

Richard Frost, CEO of the Posh Shed Company, often spotted at various garden shows, including June Grow London at Hampstead Heath Common, offers his top tips to ensure that your shed stands the test of time and survives whatever weather winter decides to throw at it.

Preventing mould

Firstly, ensure that the air gap is maintained under the base and around all sides; check on an annual basis to make sure that there is not a build-up of debris growing around it. Open doors and windows whenever possible to keep an airflow going. If do you notice any small mould growths appearing on the inside of your shed, wipe down with a diluted bleach solution as soon as you can to prevent it from spreading.


A quick squirt of oil in the lock now will mean that you won’t be struggling with a rusty lock when spring comes around next year.

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If you notice the snow piling up on the roof of your shed, take a few minutes to clear it off with a broom or rake. Snow and ice can weigh down the roof of a shed causing problems over time. Remember, do some winter maintenance to avoid unpleasant surprises in the spring.

“It is important that sheds are given a bit of TLC as winter arrives. All of our sheds are built to last but, being a wooden product in an English climate, there will be a little maintenance needed to ensure that your product remains in tip top condition. Provided this is the case, we would expect your shed to last for many, many years,” says Richard.

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