Quiz: How well do you know Hampstead?

Hampstead Number 2 pond. Picture: Polly Hancock

Hampstead Number 2 pond. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

Think you know your Keat’s from your Kenwood?

Have you been reading your Ham&High every week?

If not, you may wish you had when you take our totally Hampstead quiz.

Will your score be high enough to win you a place at one of the area’s top achieving schools, or will you be banished from NW3 until you’ve swatted up?

Find out if you make the grade by answering the questions below.

And no cheating! Just because you can look up the answers online, it doesn’t mean you should...

  Which of these horror writers did NOT set use Hampstead as a setting?Where in Hampstead does this Dutch guitar player live?In which year did Hampstead become an official part of the county of London?Which spy novelist objected to the design of this building so strongly s/he named a famous villain after its architect?Which of the following was NOT one of Hampstead's underground rivers?Which of these football stars fell out with his neighbours over planning permission for a 40 foot fishtank?Which of these famous artists and writers is NOT know to have spent time at Wyldes Farm on the Heath Extension?Which famous criminal is associated with this Heath-side pub?One of these famous Hampstead houses used to be used to keep prisoners in custody before their trials. Which one?

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