Plant in focus: Colour and versatility of Conifers prompt week of celebration

Three potted Conifers

Three potted Conifers - Credit: Archant

At this time of year, attention turns to the changing colours of autumn, with conifers play a big part in the garden, giving year-round colour when other leaves have fallen.

Nearly a third of Britons having a conifer in their garden and they provide a wonderful way of adding colour and shape to an outdoor space – especially as many change colour throughout the year.

Several hundred varieties of conifers are available in the UK in different colours, heights and shapes; there is one to suit every type of garden and they look just as good in a container on a patio or balcony as they do in a more spacious setting.

From this Saturday, to celebrate such versatility, garden retailers across the country will be championing this overlooked and diverse plant during National Conifer Week, organised by the Horticultural Trade Association (HTA) and the British Conifer Group to run until October 5.

During the week, many garden centres across the country will be highlighting conifers with eye catching displays, demonstrating the wide variety of conifers available.

The HTA say: “Being hardy, easy to care for and long-lasting, conifers are the ideal choice for the inexperienced gardener looking for a low maintenance but high impact plant.

“The diversity of form, texture, and colour is unmatched by any other group of plants in the garden. They can be used as single specimens to spectacular effect, or combined to contrast with other plants such as deciduous trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.”

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