Nessie Ramm’s vivid paintings of Muswell Hill Terraces and beyond can brighten your home

Good Morning Muswell Hill

Good Morning Muswell Hill - Credit: Archant

Bring some London colour into your home with these bright, stunning paintings by Nessie Ramm which aim to reveal the “true wonderful fabric” of the city’s architecture and wildlife.

Dog and the Royal Free

Dog and the Royal Free - Credit: Archant

Featuring several North London locations, from the classic brick terraces of Muswell Hill to the mist-tinged greenery of Parliament Hill, the paintings are available to view and buy at the Millinery Gallery in Islington from September 23 to November 2.

For Ramm, the chance to look beyond the impenetrable, dull concrete structures that make up much of London found her rediscovering some of her favourite destinations in the capital through bold, thick brush-strokes.

She said: “At a certain scale, a map of London looks quite grey, a daunting solid mass, a thick blanket on the southeast. But zoom a little closer and first big holes appear: the parks, squares, farms, allotments, the river and its islands. Then, closer still, smaller ones materialise: churchyards, gardens, flower beds, verges and hedgerows.

“Every Londoner knows the places, has their favourite. It’s what makes London so special; you can round a corner and see meadow flowers amongst the high-rises, hear birdsong while you wait for the bus, even walk past a flock of sheep on the way to the supermarket.

Allotment chair (Cable Street)

Allotment chair (Cable Street) - Credit: Archant

“This is the true wonderful fabric of London, not at all a solid mass but woven with many holes in which to breathe, rest a while, cultivate something or simply catch the moment.”

Nessie Ramm’s Urban Nature paintings are at the Millinery Gallery, 85/87 Southgate Road, Islington, N1 3JS, from September 23 to November 2. Visit