My Favourite Things: Meg Mathews

Meg Mathews at home in Primrose Hill

Meg Mathews at home in Primrose Hill - Credit: Archant

Meg Mathews, 49, lives in Primrose Hill with her daughter Anaïs, 16, and their Boston Terrier Oscar, 5. Interior designer, animal rights campaigner and ex-wife of Noel Gallagher, Mathews is the business partner and brand ambassador for artisanal furniture designers the Baker Street Boys. She tells us about her favourite things.

I hitchhiked down to London when I was 17 with nothing. I lived on the streets fortwo years, sleeping in cars, living in squats. When I think about it now it gives me the fear, I don’t know how I ever did it!

By the time I was 21 I had my own PR company, then I became a fashion buyer. After that I had a music company, I worked for Def Jam and then I got Ice T his first top 20 hit in the UK. I don’t think it would happen again now; it was a different time.

I did a shoot in Hello when I did up my old house. I was walking down Regent’s Street when my phone rang and it was Victoria Beckham. She said she had seen the feature and wanted to know who had designed the wallpaper. I told her it was me and she asked me to come and do her house. I created a one-off wallpaper for her, and that was my first interior design client.

After Victoria I did stuff for Cher, John Galliano, Ronnie and Jo Wood – it all started from that one phone call. Now that I design furniture I give it to all my celebrity friends as Christmas presents. It’s great product placement.

Most of the furniture in my home is designed by me. The other furniture I source myself. I love Perspex and Lucite. I look for really good pieces, but they’re quite hard to find. It’s more popular in the States than here.That’s my excuse to make trips over there!

I’m going to be 50 next month so I’m going over there for a week with my partner. We’re going to stay at the Hotel Bel-Air, and Courtney Love is hosting my birthday party at the Chateau Marmont.

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I do have quite a few storage places so I can switch the things I like in and out, including one for my clothes in Camden. I keep photographs of everything I have, because otherwise you forget. I used to forget that I already had 12 leather jackets and then buy another one.

With Anaïs everything has just fallen into place. I think she’s amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better teenage daughter. I’m very proud of what she’s doing. She’s got her own BAFTA award winning show on CBBC. Everything she’s got she got herself, I’ve not done anything to prompt her. She was in the States three nights ago to do an interview for being one of Instagram’s top influencers under 25. Whatever she wants to do in life she’ll do okay.

She absolutely loves living in London. She enjoys walking Oscar in the local area, and we go for breakfast together in Primrose Hill on a Sunday.

I love Greenberry Cafe in Primrose Hill for breakfast. I get my green juices from Yeomans every day – they’re amazing, they do everything with kale and spirulina and it’s all so fresh. I go to Ripe Kitchen in Camden for my coffee.

I used to be vegan but now I wear suede and leather, so I’m just vegetarian. I hate saying it, but I have given in a bit. Cheese was so hard to give up, I was in France watching everyone eating brie and I was in a really bad mood all the time – it was like giving up smoking. I did give it a good go, though.

I always go to get my hair blow dried at Privato Hair and Beauty in Primrose Hill. My best friend is the creative director of Bare Minerals so she did my makeup today – I’m very lucky!

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