Make a splash: the three bathroom trends you need to know about

Pioto vessel basin, �160.43; Lambro tall basin mixer, �247.37; Ippari console, �546.48; Borbera rain

Pioto vessel basin, �160.43; Lambro tall basin mixer, �247.37; Ippari console, �546.48; Borbera rainshower shower head, �232.02, all available from Sottini - Credit: PA Photo/Handout

Sprucing up your bathroom or putting in a new one? From high drama to soothing sanctuaries, here are the three top styles you need to adopt now

Ombrone Totem basin, £1,190.25; Ciane wall mounted basin mixer, £250.13, both available from Sottini

Ombrone Totem basin, £1,190.25; Ciane wall mounted basin mixer, £250.13, both available from Sottini - Credit: PA Photo/Handout

There’s a new wave of styles washing over bathrooms. The tide’s turning against the predictable, and embracing a more go-with-the-flow approach means you can mix-and-match furniture and fittings to conjure a space that perfectly suits your taste, as well as your practical needs, whether it’s a spa-like haven, a functional family room, or a contemporary wet room.

As designers become more adventurous, sophistication, glamour and individuality rule. And it’s easy to achieve a ‘wow’ factor, thanks to state-of-the-art technology - think TVs, sound systems and light and water shows in the shower - sculptural sanitary ware, and even stunning waterproof wallpaper now vying with tiles for attention.

“The traditional bathroom suite has become outdated and there’s a desire for the space to become customised, with people seeing it as a room where they can display individual pieces, as they would art,” says Leanne Martin, head of product at Sottini.

“A strong industrial trend is coming through, with steel-effect wall-hung cabinets complemented by sleek brassware and fresh white walls for an efficient, sleek look. Bathroom units raised off the floor, increasing visible floor space, to create an illusion of a larger room, are starring, and a particularly striking ‘floating’ effect can be achieved, with wall-hung, chunky, unsupported slabs in gloss or wood grain, and slim, curved vessel basins on top.”

Soak up inspiration from these latest bathroom looks...

Drama zone

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“If you don’t want to reach out and touch the walls, you’re not doing it right for 2017. Bathrooms no longer mean matching tiles as far as the eye can see - as a nation, we’ve become experimental with wall finishes and shrugged off the constraints of the white bathroom tile,” says Martin.

“Industrial concrete walls are being paired with textured wallpapers, while tile effects are being created using countless different sizes, shapes, prints and texture options. Even a retro wood finish has made a comeback for a Scandi-chic style statement, and for the really bold, vertical green, living walls, to give a lush 3D impact you can’t beat!”

Water, she points out, is a feature in itself. “It’s not enough that it drains down a plughole any more. It’s all about the spectacle of how it falls in a waterfall-like sheet from a height and disappears out of sight into concealed drainage.”

Look out for mirrors with sensor controlled lighting and de-misting, as well as inbuilt functions linked to music systems, TVs and phones.

Serene sanctuary

“The bathroom isn’t purely about functionality, or a clinical environment any more. It’s a sanctuary that needs as much design consideration as a living room,” says Daniel Cook, principal development designer at C.P. Hart.

“It’s all about subtle elegance and a beautiful harmony of shades with less ‘pops’ of colour. Muted consistent tones, such as taupes and greys for furniture and sanitary ware, are increasingly popular colour choices. There’s a move beyond white and glazed surfaces and a significant increase in pastel shades of pinks and blues.”

Look out for a refined industrial trend with brushed finish brassware, matt finishes for ceramics, as well as silk/satin glass finishes.

Make a splash

“From cars to holidays, and clothing to furniture, customisation is one of the fastest growing consumer trends,” says Jayne Barnes, managing director, AQATA.

“The discerning bathroom buyer now wants not only a highly engineered luxury shower enclosure or screen, handmade to fit their space, but also a completely individual customised design to bring their own character and personality into the bathroom. Home trends are being reflected in bathrooms with diverse colours, patterns and textures making their mark.

“Today’s shower should incorporate these essential features: easy access (walk-in wet rooms are perfect for this), spacious enclosures and a steam function, as well as power showers and body jets to cater for comfort and wellbeing, and distinctive personal touches.”

Look out for larger showers as they’re being given more space in either a bathroom or bedroom, plus frameless enclosures featuring coloured or tinted glass.