London house buyers value pubs over parks

Walkers pass autumnal trees on Hampstead Heath in north London.

Walkers pass autumnal trees on Hampstead Heath in north London. - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Despite living in Europe’s greenest city, it has been revealed that Londoners are more likely to prioritise buying houses near pubs than parks.

Brushing aside the assets of landmarks like Hampstead Heath and Regents Park, a new study conducted by manufacturing company Hygena reveals that Londoners are the least likely out of all UK residents to value living near green or open spaces.

Instead, the survey has found that 23 per cent of Londoners view pubs as a major factor when looking to move.

In some cases, movers have even suggested they would be happy to have toilets in their kitchens or beds in their living room if it means they could live nearer a place to drink, with 49 per cent willing to compromise on house layout.

When researching in advance of the big move, the survey shows Londoners are also the most sceptical – with only 38 per cent of people trusting local estate agents.

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Instead residents turn to social media such as Twitter and Facebook for inspiration, with 25 per cent of those living in the capital trusting their social peers.

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