Interiors: What to hang on your walls and where to put it

Picture frame wallpaper, In Spaces

Picture frame wallpaper, In Spaces - Credit: Archant

A painting or a striking photo can change the whole look or feel of a room, but all too often our walls remain blank as we’re unsure what to hang up.

British Deer wall sticker, In Spaces

British Deer wall sticker, In Spaces - Credit: Archant

If you’re bewildered by the vast array of art on offer, or struggle to identify which photos of family and friends to include in your home ‘gallery’, Luci Noel, director of the Affordable Art Fair advises hanging with heart.

“It’s all about browsing at art fairs, visiting galleries to discover what resonates with you. Maybe print off a selection of your photo prints, so over time you can narrow down your choice,” she says.

“Art should be an emotional experience - buy only what you love and what you want to live with and will enjoy every day. It’s all about personalising your space and making it unique to you.”

If you still need a little direction, read on for some useful tips and inspiration.

Photographic print in Gallery frame, Venture Photography

Photographic print in Gallery frame, Venture Photography - Credit: Archant

Snap it up

Traditionally, the walls of ancestral homes were hung with elaborate paintings of family members - and now, the modern, affordable equivalent is photographic family portraits.

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“We find scaled-up individual portraits and group family member portraits are the most popular styles for wall art,” says Richard Mayfield, creative director for family photography specialists Venture Photography.

“There are lots of ways to display photographic wall art. Individual shots can be blown up into high-impact images and displayed as a focal point. Another successful approach is for each family member to be shot separately rather than as a group , then each can be framed and the prints grouped together on a wall.”

Superhero comic book nine circles wall art, Bombus

Superhero comic book nine circles wall art, Bombus - Credit: Archant

Out of the frame

Photos and paintings don’t tell the whole story when it comes to art, as our desire for more decorative interiors has inspired a revival of artistic effects on everything, from murals to furniture.

“The great thing about adding art to your home is that it can be done on practically any budget,” says Katie Watson, interior designer at furniture store, Fishpools.

“Whether it’s investing in a painted piece of furniture or framing old postcards or vintage prints, creating a cool, cohesive look is simple, effective and a great way to bring a home to life.”

Photographic print in Lumino finish, Venture Photography

Photographic print in Lumino finish, Venture Photography - Credit: Archant

Wall effects

Kicking convention out the window and displaying images you really love will result in walls that speak volumes about your taste and way of life.

“Artwork - and that’s such a broad term, it can cover everything from wall stickers through to a collection of framed favourite magazine covers - is such an easy way to add visual impact in any space,” says Claire Hornby, creative stylist at Barker & Stonehouse.

“A vibrant or quirky piece of artwork adds a splash of personality in an instant. If hanging prints isn’t quite your thing, consider utilising shelving space and carefully display framed artwork on it, or simply put prints on the floor and lean against a wall.”