Interiors: Designer Janine Stone wants clients to relax in her luxury interiors

Janine Stone

Janine Stone - Credit: Archant

Creating extraordinary and unique homes to suit a diverse range of requirements sounds like a job fraught with pitfalls, but interior designer Janine Stone, who splits her time between Hampstead and Cheshire, manages to make it sound almost endearing when describing how much interest her wealthy clients take in the layout of their homes.

Bathroom by Janine Stone

Bathroom by Janine Stone - Credit: Archant

"You'd be amazed how important the house is for them. The home is the one space where a man will think where he's going to hang his Hermes and Charvet ties, and a woman will spend time wondering how many pairs of shoes she's going to fit.

"I suppose it isn't too surprising to know that my clients take a great deal of interest in how their homes are created. The investment of time and their passion for detail almost matches mine" she laughs.

But then, Stone did grow up in the profession, and has run her business overseeing the design of people's homes for more than 25 years. Before that she learned her trade with her father who was an interior designer.

"He has been a huge influence in my life - he's 91 now - and he used to design across the Mediterranean. He was the most demanding teacher you could ever imagine," says Stone. "He always says there's room for improvement, even reflecting on his own past projects. He's very proud of everything I have achieved and continue to do, but I tend to hear it through the grapevine."

Kitchen by Janine Stone

Kitchen by Janine Stone - Credit: Archant

There's plenty for him to be proud of, however. Having started from scratch, the company has grown over the past two decades and now has 50 professionals from architects to interior designers and project managers, offering a complete range of services embracing architecture, interior design, build and project management, interior design and art consultancy.

Each project is overseen by Stone and her senior team. Stone will create the initial design concept, and together with the senior team will work with their group of specialists and artisans to deliver the project.

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With so many years behind her in the business, Stone is skilled at understanding a client's taste and desires; the only constants throughout all projects are elegance and comfort, "living well, in style."

With this in mind, Stone insists that it is important to her that clients feel relaxed in their homes and that they are free to enjoy them once the designers have left and the front door is closed.

Hall by Janine Stone

Hall by Janine Stone - Credit: Archant

"My clients' confidence in the project and our relationship is of major importance to me. I have been fortunate to have worked with many of them over several projects and some have become good friends. When I visit them they have been known to apologise that they bought this little artefact but they're not sure if it works. They'll say 'We were in Italy and we saw it and we're sorry.'

"I always tell them to just relax, it's their home and they should enjoy it.

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