Infographic shows how much homes just like yours have sold for

ONS house prices infographic lets you see how much homes like yours have sold for locally

ONS house prices infographic lets you see how much homes like yours have sold for locally - Credit: Archant

London is a world of many property markets and house price data can be misleading but a new infographic, which provides a visual summary of key statistics, provides a hyperlocal overview.

The smart map from the Office of National Statistics enables users to view house price data without the distortions that overall figures can give.

For example, the average price of a property in the small area of Camden that covers Primrose Hill is £625,000.

But, before you get carried away thinking you could swap your flat in Archway for a house on one of the pastel-coloured dollshouse terraces, take a closer look at the numbers.

While the average price of a flat in the area was £590,000, 77 flats were sold, compared to only 9 terraced houses with average prices of £2.25million, explaining how figures can become strangely top- or bottom-heavy.

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Meanwhile, up in the Billionaire’s heartland, between Kenwood House and the Heath Extension, where streets include The Bishop’s Avenue and Winnington Road, the weighting towards detached houses (average price £2.5million) pushes the average property price for the area up to nearly £1million, even though flats in the area cost an average of £390,000.

How does your area compare? Have a go on the map and find out. Let us know if you encountered any surprises.

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