If money was no object we’d all move to Hampstead

Everyone in London wants to live in Hampstead, it seems

Everyone in London wants to live in Hampstead, it seems - Credit: Archant

Survey reveals Londoners top relocation destination would be NW3, where the average house sells for over £1.2 million

It’s good to know we’re not the only one’s lying in bed at night plotting how we’d spend our millions if we won the lottery / undertook a successful bank heist / suddenly discovered we were the sole heir of a recently deceased yet fabulously wealthy long lost great aunt.

London property company LiFE Residential surveyed 1,000 Londoners about everything from their favourite takeaway choice to – most importantly – where in London they would want to live if money was no object.

Hampstead came top of the list as Londoners crowned it the most desirable area.

“With its village feel Hampstead is, for many, somewhere that offers a perfect balance between the vibrancy of the city and all it has to offer, and the peaceful relaxation of a country location,” said LiFE director of sales and marketing, Scott Ayliffe.

NW3 beat Richmond, Kensington and Chelsea, and Mayfair to the top spot.

In today’s market money would really have to be no object. According to Rightmove’s data on sold prices, houses have risen 20 per cent in the last year alone, with the average house now selling for £1,258,324.

The survey also showed that when buying online over 50 per cent of respondents wanted to see high quality pictures of the property. 47 per cent wanted to see an accurate floor plan with measurements.

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Over 30 per cent would like to have a 360 degree virtual tour of the property to allow for remote viewing, more than the 28 per cent who wanted to read a description of what makes a property great.

Estate agents can step away from the Snapchat, though. Only 7 per cent of respondents were bothered by being able to see a potential new home on social media.