How to decorate a rental home to make it your own

Statement bed covers can be a great way of bringing in some luxury and comfort, MissPrint Dandelion

Statement bed covers can be a great way of bringing in some luxury and comfort, MissPrint Dandelion Duvet Set, from �50, John Lewis - Credit: Archant

Living in a rental home can be a cause of despair when it comes to interior design. More often than not, you’re left with mismatched furniture and inexplicable design choices and it can seem like there is little to be done without relinquishing your deposit.

Luckily, there are some easy changes you can make to your house to make it a home, adding energy, balance, and your own personality style without permanently altering the property.


Bringing some greenery into the house goes a long way. Plants instantly add life and colour to an interior, and they are easy to move around. Whether it’s a large potted plant or growing herbs on your windowsill, you can spend as little or as much time as you want on them, but they’re guaranteed to bring an organic touch to the house.


Living in a rental house can, and often does, mean terrible floors. Sad laminate, battered wood paneling or ugly tiles— we’ve all been there. A nice rug conceals what’s underneath and warms up a room. Choose a big printed rug to cover a large surface, or combine different smaller ones to make an eclectic patchwork.


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One of the first things you should do when decorating a house is replacing the old curtains or blinds with a fresh, floor length pair of your choice. It will liven up the room and give it a personal touch. Choose for a warm colour or keep it neutral with whites and greys according to preference.


Perk up an uninspiring sofa with lots of bright throw cushions. Experiment with different colours, textures and prints for a fun and eclectic look and maximum comfort.


Create storage space— notoriously lacking from rental houses— by bringing in block-style bookshelves, which can easily be customised to fit every kind of room and save you from drilling anything into the walls. They are available from IKEA in all shapes, colours and sizes, or try a statement shelf like these from M&S and Habitat.

Wall Art

An easy way to inject colour and personality into the house, wall art is fun to play around with and by combining different prints and sizes you can really make it your own. No need to ruin the walls, just use picture hanging strips by Command, which can be peeled off the wall without damage and hold several kilograms’ weight.


Don’t cut corners when it comes to the bedroom. While everyone loves sleeping in a clean, soft bed, statement bed covers can be a great way of bringing in some luxury and comfort, so invest in a quality set of bedding to keep you warm throughout the winter months. Try a splash of colour to keep that little bit of summer inside all year round.


Lamps in rental houses are one of those things that just never work out, but they are an easy thing to replace. Change the lamp shade on ceiling lamps or invest in a nice floor lamp to add extra light and see the room transform.


Wallpaper doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it’s not impossible in a rental house either. Peel and stick wallpaper— something between wallpaper and a sticker— can be removed without a trace. Put it on a wall or customise your kitchen cupboards or even fridge for a unique touch. There are lots of different designs on Etsy or, if you’re willing to pay shipping costs, US-based Chasing Paper have an amazing collection.