Get in the Glastonbury groove

Jo Whiley in the kitchen of her Northamptonshire home, with a table decorated in festival/party styl

Jo Whiley in the kitchen of her Northamptonshire home, with a table decorated in festival/party style - Credit: PA Photo/Hillarys Blinds

BBC Radio 2 DJ and TV presenter Jo Whiley opens her doors to show you how to create a Glastonbury-style vibe

Jo Whiley's home decorated with a hand-made Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt sign, fairy lights, a fire

Jo Whiley's home decorated with a hand-made Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt sign, fairy lights, a fire pit, and casual seating - Credit: PA Photo/Hillarys Blinds

Can’t get a ticket - can’t stand the mud or the crowds? No worries. Set the stage at home with festival decor, and a little help from Jo Whiley.

A familiar face at all the major events on the festival calendar in her roles as DJ and TV presenter, she’s opened the doors to her home to reveal that she loves living the style.

“Our house is literally party-central, where the door’s always open, with people coming around constantly, as well as our animals running around. We’re always either leading up to a festival, clearing up after a festival, or planning or having a party,” says Whiley with a smile.

The 51-year-old lives in a barn conversion in Northamptonshire with her music executive husband Steve Morton and their four children, India, 25, Jude, 18, Cassius, 16 and Coco, 8, plus their two dogs and two cats.

“Our kitchen’s where everyone gets together and we have music on tap, with the radio or CDs playing, and people spontaneously sing, dance and perform - not necessarily very well.”

Whiley, who’s teamed up with Hillarys to reveal how to bring festival style into your home, says: “Sliding glass doors are a massive feature of the space and give an open, spacious feel, especially as they lead out to the garden.

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“We’ve dressed them with thin, floaty voiles, which don’t compromise the light, and dark grey curtains frame the view. For parties, I style them up with fairy and festoon lights, and hanging plants for a relaxed, outdoors-inside feel.

“Outside, if you think you might be short on seating space, source some old crates or ask a local farmer for hay bales and simply cover them with cool fabrics or rugs. Add cushions and beanbags and group them in a big pile for a slouching, lounging area.”

Lighten up

“I love fairy lights - they make a home feel magical. Make your home come to life at night by displaying as many fairy lights, lanterns and candles as possible.

“Hang delicate strings or bigger festoons, anywhere and everywhere, and wrap them around trees and tables or focal points. Ramp up the atmosphere with scented candles.”

Make it quirky

“Decorate fences or walls with favourite band or concert posters. String colourful ribbons from chairs and trees and let summer breezes bring them to life.

“Introduce boho style with brightly patterned accessories - from cushions to wall hangings and pouffes. Avoid anything matchy-matchy; this look is about showing personality.

“Throw in balloons and a glitter ball or two, if you happen to have one lying around, like we did in the garage. Making your own decorations is effective and fun to do with children. We created a huge Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt sign out of MDF. Think out-of-the-box and do what suits your style - anything goes at a festival.”

Little extras

“When you’re planning an outdoor event, remember, everyone might end up inside if it rains. Cover a kitchen table with layers of different fabrics in clashing prints or bold colours and use empty jam jars as tea-light holders.

“I use mismatched crockery and large Mason jars for drinks on tap. And a must-have for every festival table has to be giant marshmallows. A firepit, great for toasting them, adds a sense of ritual and midsummer-night magic.”

“Surround yourself with flowers and plants, in buckets, wooden crates, tin baths, wellies, basically whatever you like and have handy. Reclamation yards and car boot sales are great hunting grounds for all sorts of unusual, quirky containers.”

Jo Whiley will host The Big Feastival 2017 at Alex James’ Cotswolds Farm, August 25-27, 2017. Hillarys is offering readers the chance to win two adult weekend festival camping tickets. The winners will also enjoy guest passes for Friday night, with access to an exclusive VIP lounge. For more information on how to enter, visit