Gardening: What to do in the garden and some of the best gardening events this month

Pot plants

Pot plants - Credit: Archant

A round up of jobs to do in the garden, events and books to welcome in the start of spring.

:: Written while the wind is wild, put in supports through which herbaceous perennials can grow.

:: Lily bulbs – plant them as soon as possible, either in pots or open ground.

:: Watch that plants in pots don’t dry out, in springtime they can be badly set back for lack of moisture. The same goes for seedlings in trays.

:: Frost, although it seems unlikely, is still possible. If you’ve got the tops of potatoes showing through, cover them with fleece if the temperature drops.

:: The new London Yellow Book is out, detailing garden openings through the National Gardens Scheme. Available free at garden centres, libraries, some bookshops, etc. Upcoming local dates – Sunday 26th April, Southwood Lodge, 33 Kingsley Place, N6 and 21 Woodland Rise, N10. Sunday 3rd May, 2 Millfield Place, N6 and 5 St Regis Close, N10.

:: Spring Flower Show, Hampstead Horticultural Society, Saturday 11th April, 2.30 – 4.30, All Saints Church Hall, Church Walk, Child’s Hill, NW2.