Gaga for Gizmos: stock up on these high-tech home-gadgets

R4 Mk3 Integrated Music System, 699.99, available from Ruark Audio

R4 Mk3 Integrated Music System, 699.99, available from Ruark Audio - Credit: PA Photo/Handout

Home-tech doesn’t have to be all substance and no style. Find out the best high-tech products for you home here.

The Frame UE55LS003 Art Mode Smart TV, 1,999, available from Curry's

The Frame UE55LS003 Art Mode Smart TV, 1,999, available from Curry's - Credit: PA Photo/Handout

With technology playing a key role in our lives, there couldn’t be a better time to plug into the latest home-tech innovations that are also stylish enough to put proudly on display.

Because it’s not all about gadgets and gizmos - technology can be sleek, retro, and quirky too, so tapping into tech trends needn’t take away from your decor vibes.

These are our top 10 picks from the latest in stylish home-tech...

Caple DD940BK Induction Downdraft Extractor, from 3,690, available from Caple

Caple DD940BK Induction Downdraft Extractor, from 3,690, available from Caple - Credit: PA Photo/Handout

Living Space

Music Lover

Available in matte black, glossy red or gleaming white, these speakers-disguised-as-bulldogs are bound to be a talking point.

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Boasting 120 watts of aerial high-definition 2.1 sound with deep bass rendering, compatible via Bluetooth with any smartphone or audio source, built-in rechargeable battery and up to 10 hours of playtime, what’s not to love?

DAB Radio Mirror, 496, available from Roper Rhodes

DAB Radio Mirror, 496, available from Roper Rhodes - Credit: PA Photo/Handout

Jarre AeroBull XS1 Bluetooth Speaker, from £469.94, Amazon

This all-in-one music solution might look retro and devoid of any details - but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the classic lines. The new R4 will take your listening pleasure to a whole new level, featuring DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS, radio CD player, Bluetooth with AptX, USB charge and playback port, which all adds up to quality 21st century sound.

R4 Mk3 Integrated Music System, £699.99, Ruark Audio

Arty party

It’s art, but not as we know it. Samsung’s new lifestyle TV ‘The Frame’ turns into an ultra-modern canvas when not in use, and thanks to the in-built ‘Art Mode’ feature, you can select artworks from more than 100 specially curated pieces, or display your own photos.

Available in 65” and 55”, there’s a selection of frames to suit your space, including oak and walnut finishes, along with a frame bezel available in walnut, beige and white.

Samsung The Frame UE55LS003 Art Mode 55’’ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV, £1,999, Curry’s

Skinny minnie

Meanwhile, LG’s ‘wallpaper TV’ can be mounted right against the wall with its super-skinny design (2.57mm). The OLED panel, 4K UHD resolution and HDR colour-scape create the closest thing to a cinema experience, while the bulky stuff you don’t want to see is housed in a separate LG OLED hub.

With a Smart TV webOS platform, Magic Remote (with point, gesture, wheel and voice control) and Freeview Play, it’s the supercar of the small screen.

LG OLED65W7V Signature OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65’’ with Freeview Play, Picture-On-Wall Design & Dolby Atmos Sound Base Unit, £7,999, John Lewis

Light me up

Italian brand Qeeboo, known for its contemporary plastic furniture and playful designs, have added some wow factor to wild flowers and created these striking daisy lamps.

Place them on a desk, next to the bed or use them for backlighting to make your real plants glow (but we can’t promise they’ll grow!).

Qeeboo Daisy Lamps, £52 each, Amara


The future is now

Imagine if you could turn any surface in your home into a touchscreen? Critics think the latest in home projector technology may change the way we watch video, play games and listen to music - and it could even change the way we cook.

The infrared light array, with 60fps camera system, featured in this nifty portable projector turns a flat surface into a 23-inch touchscreen. Clever.

SONY Xperia Touch Portable Projector, £1,399, Selfridges

Precious cargo

Want to take your taste for fine wine to new heights? This built-in wine conditioner will temperature-control 18 of your favourite bottles and can even accommodate magnums (always too bulky for the fridge!).

With storage over three levels, each rack can be personalised so you can list the vintage, producer or style. Touch controls offer a temperature range of 5-20°C, and the UV resistant glass door protects your precious stock from sunlight. Cheers!

KWT 6112 iG Built-in Wine Conditioner Unit, £2,399, Miele

A breath of fresh air

Extractor fans aren’t exactly dinner-table conversation, but there’s nothing worse than pungent cooking smells after you’ve prepared a delicious meal.

With cutting-edge plasma technology, this latest, ultra-sleek model purifies the air and eliminates any whiffs. Fully integrated into the 90cm black glass induction hob, the motor draws air through the ducting towards the filter, where it’s purified and cleaned, eradicating 95% of odours.

DD940BK Induction Downdraft Extractor, from £3,690, Caple

The perfect cuppa

Traditional kettle ruining the cool lines of your minimalist kitchen? Then switch to a smart tap instead. Caple have tapped into new levels of tap tech, with a colour-changing LED to indicate the water temperature.

The light changes form blue to red, so you know exactly how hot or cold your water is - and precisely when it’s hot enough for your perfect cuppa. The polished chrome finish will add some extra pizzazz too.

LUC/CH Lucet Electronic Tap, RRP £1,014, Caple


Mirror, mirror on the wall... who has the best bathroom radio of them all?

This multimedia bathroom mirror boasts DAB and FM radio reception, a fully integrated digital display with scrolling text, touch sensitive controls, integrated stereo speakers - AND a heated demister pad which prevents the mirror from steaming up. Ta da.

Audio-Image Mirror, £496, Roper Rhodes