Future classic Dutch mid-century furniture sale in Marylebone

Revolt chairs in blue

Revolt chairs in blue - Credit: Archant

Lesser-known classics of mid-century modernism are being shown in a selling exhibition at Alfie’s Antiques Market in Marylebone as part of the London Design Festival.

Dining table and chairs

Dining table and chairs - Credit: Archant

Post-War Dutch designers Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld are two of the most important names in industrial design from the Netherlands but are less well known than other more established designers from this period.

Matt Mitchell of Design SECT said: “The work of French designers such as Prouvé and Perriand is beyond the reach of all but the most serious collector. In my opinion Dutch design represents an opportunity for buyers who are looking for something unusual and currently still affordable.”

Influenced by art movement De Stijl and the Geod Wonen movement – the Dutch foundation set up to promote well-designed domestic goods – the pair worked across disciplines from furniture, transport and household appliances.

The pieces are simple and elegant, which as Mitchell points out has a huge appeal to contemporary buyers and as their popularity increases, so does their scarcity and value.

Stools in the Kramer Rietveld exhibition

Stools in the Kramer Rietveld exhibition - Credit: Archant

“Many designers and manufacturers produced low volumes which, over time, have diminished further with use, meaning those pieces that remain – especially those in good condition – are now increasingly sought after and collectable,” says Mitchell.

His top tip for those interested in investing in a future classic is the currently underestimated Revolve chair.

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But Mitchell suggests that those shopping purely for items they will love to have in their homes shouldn’t be too concerned with furniture being in perfect condition.

“Mid-century furniture – especially the collectable pieces we select – was made to last,” he says. “Signs of use and age give these pieces warmth and character.”

The KramerRietveld exhibition runs at Design SECT, Alfie’s Antiques Market from 13 September to 10 October

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