For Sale: A Modernist Hampstead Heath-side house with a moat

Fitzroy Park, N6

Fitzroy Park, N6 - Credit: Archant

A contemporary family home which comes complete with a water feature that runs around the perimeter of the house moat-style is on the market through Glentree.

Kitchen dining area

Kitchen dining area - Credit: Archant

The “contemporary yet classic” architecture may not immediately strike those looking for the perfect place to bring up a family, but the London-born businessman who has lived in the property with his wife and two young children for five and a half years says that the minimalist design shouldn’t put people off.

“I lived in Little Venice and was broody for a dog so moving by the Heath seemed like a good idea,” he says. “We now have a dog and two kids.

Open plan living space

Open plan living space - Credit: Archant

“It’s a fantastic family home. We’re a young family but I think families with kids in their early teens would also love it because you could lock them in the leisure floor where you’ve got the swimming pool, steam room, gym, games area and a media room.”

The family have renovated and extended the property since they moved in, adding an extra bedroom and the kitchen area and lower ground floor to the existing space but they have retained much of the “purist” design that the original owner instated.


Bedroom - Credit: Archant

“The guy that built the house bought another house and tore it down to build this one from scratch,” says the owner.

“Although he was a developer by trade and redeveloped the Gainsborough Studios, this house was a labour of love.

Swimming pool in the leisure complex

Swimming pool in the leisure complex - Credit: Archant

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“He wasn’t building it for profit so he created these overly large rooms and went to huge expense to source the best materials for it, like solid wood and marble. He went for the sort of detail that I don’t think a developer would have put in.”

Apart from the top of the range interiors, the biggest other thing the house has going for it is an almost incomparable location, on a secure private road nudging the Heath.

TV room

TV room - Credit: Archant

“On a summer’s day when you’ve got the glass doors open, you’ve got absolute peace and quiet and you have no idea that you’re in the centre of London, yet I work in Soho and I can be there in 25 minutes.”

“When it comes to it, it’s going to be very hard to relocate. This doesn’t have the feeling of a very modern house but it also doesn’t have the feel of a pastiche house. It’s very unusual.”

Secluded roof terrace

Secluded roof terrace - Credit: Archant

The asking price is £5,950,000 through Glentree Estates