5 steps to styling your upmarket lettings property

Susan Cohen dressed this �4,000 a week home on Shepherd Street in Mayfair with bright pops of colour

Susan Cohen dressed this �4,000 a week home on Shepherd Street in Mayfair with bright pops of colour - Credit: Pastor Real Estate

To compete in today’s luxury rental market you need to make sure your property is dressed to kill. Here are five expert tips for stellar styling

Making sure the bathrooms are modern and sparkling clean is vital for a luxury letting

Making sure the bathrooms are modern and sparkling clean is vital for a luxury letting - Credit: Pastor Real Estate

Competition is hotter than ever in London’s rental sector, particularly at the top of the market.

Tired or tatty flats are no longer going to cut it. To make your property stand head and shoulders above the competition it’s all about reaching for that show flat aesthetic.

The proliferation of online property portals means that your property have to compete for clicks against thousands of others, so getting them picture perfect is imperative.

As the head of lettings for Pastor Real Estate, Susan Cohen knows a thing or two about dressing homes for success.

The boutique Mayfair based agency specialises in selling and letting luxury property across prime central London, including terribly fashionable Marylebone.

So if you’re an accidental landlord looking to snag a tenant to tide you over until prime sales prices recover or determined to up your buy-to-let game you need to take notice of these five steps to style:

1. Colour within the lines

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“Furnishing styles and colour schemes have changed considerably over the years. It is therefore necessary to offer your property finished to a style and standard that will appeal to the majority of prospective tenants,” advises Cohen. Love to decorate with all the colours of the Farrow and Ball rainbow? Save it for your own home.

“Personal taste should not influence your choice when it comes to decorating a rental property. Neutral colours are always preferable; however, even ‘neutrals’ have changed.” The yellow undertones of once standard Magnolia can make rooms look sallow under today’s modern lights, so go for whites and greys with cool blue undertones.

2. But don’t be afraid to be bright

You want a neutral backdrop but fifty shades of the aforementioned grey will make your property fade into the background.

“Splashes of brighter colours can be added in the dressing items to create the impact, without imposing more permanent colours that may be disliked by some tenants,” advises Cohen.

Steer away from bright hues for large furnishings, floor coverings and window dressings, but show some colourful character with accessories in smart shades.

Pay attention to the finish, too. “Traditional finishes are less sought after, as more tenants want modern, uncluttered finishes and clean lines,” says Cohen. If in doubt, go for sleek and glossy over anything that looks too fussy.

3. Accessories are key

Coco Chanel famously said that to be truly stylish you should look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove one item.

The opposite is true when it comes to styling your property. Accessories are vital, and you need that all important mirror by the front door.

“All rooms need a personal touch with mirrors, artwork, cushions and decorative items that enhance the appearance of the property,” says Cohen.

Don’t forget the boudoir. “Beds need to be made up with good quality white linen, decorative cushions and throws,” instructs Cohen.

4. Cleanliness is next to godliness

“All properties should be inviting and sparkling clean throughout,” says Cohen. There’s no excuse for a grubby rental property. Even if your last tenants left unmentionable stains forking out for a professional cleaner will pay dividends in the long run.

The devil is in the details. “The kitchen should have pristine appliances; and the bathrooms should be dressed with new towels and scented candles,” she advises. Buff down that kettle and bulk by the Diptyque.

5. Take a view on the loo

Last but certainly not least make sure the lavatories are up to speed. Out-dated bathrooms and kitchens are a big no-no in the luxury market.

“There is often need for complete refurbishment of bathrooms and kitchens when they become out-dated,” suggests Cohen. “These are the kind of prospective tenants that may reject a property due to its outmoded kitchen or bathrooms.”

Don’t lose out on top calibre tenants because of sub-par commodes.

At the end of the day, ask yourself if you’d pick your property out of the pile. A clean, chic and modern feeling home shouldn’t struggle to garner interest.

For assistance from Pastor Real Estate’s letting department call 0 20 3195 9595 or visit their website.