Eight wacky alarm clocks to make you spring out of bed

07.00am, licence to snore. Fancy yourself a bit of a sharp shooter? See yourself as the type to slee

07.00am, licence to snore. Fancy yourself a bit of a sharp shooter? See yourself as the type to sleep with a loaded gun under the pillow just in case? This might be the perfect alarm clock for you. Set the time and place the gun under your pillow before you nod off. When it buzzes you awake, take aim and fire at the wall or ceiling to see the time projected in red. This is one alarm certain to leave you both shaken and stirred regardless of the number of martinis downed the night before. (Secret Agent Alarm Clock, �15.95, Prezzybox.com) - Credit: Archant

As the clocks go forward this weekend, we round up innovative, unique, or just plain bonkers alarm clocks to help you with the lost morning hour.

The switch to British Summer Time (which will happen this Sunday) is not without its own peculiar controversy. Whilst proponents claim the extra hour of sunlight reduces traffic accidents, saves electricity and encourages people to exercise in the evening, detractors rubbish these claims. Farmers, construction workers and postal workers in particular find themselves frustrated by having to work in the dark each morning.

Still, for 200 years the biannual tradition of tampering with the time has more or less stuck.

If you struggle to get out of bed at the best of times an earlier weekend wakeup call might have you filled with mild dread. There’s no need to be alarmed, however. With one of these slightly bonkers alarm clocks you’re sure to be quite literally springing out of bed faster than you can say ‘Daylight Savings Time’.

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