Does this property purchase mean Mesut Ozil is set to stay with Arsenal?

The German player had previously only rented property in the area.

The German player had previously only rented property in the area. - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

The footballer has bought a Highgate mansion worth £10 million, suggesting he could be about to sign a new contract at the Emirates.

It’s potentially good news for the Gunners. Arsenal player Mesut Ozil has taken the plunge and moved from renting to buying, splashing out on a £10 million home in Highgate (we’re sure it won’t put too large a dent in his £140,000 a week salary, although there are rumours he’s negotiating for it to be raised to £250,000).

The move from renting to buying suggests the German footballer could be about to sign on the dotted line for a long term contract with the club.

The neighbourhood is positively agog with speculation. One local who clearly has the inside track was reported in the Sun saying: “I heard from another neighbour that he’s definitely moving in.”

Ozil will be able to kick back and relax in the three storey mansion, which includes its own home cinema, sequestered behind high wrought iron gates and protected by a top of the range security system.

There’s plenty of parking for his car collection, including the Lamborghini and his Mercedes G-Class SUV, the latter of which earned him a parking ticket a few months ago when he parked it illegally in central London.

He’ll also get to enjoy the ultimate in loo luxury: a wall mounted TV facing the toilet in one of the bathrooms means he won’t have to miss a minute of a match.

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