Colourful Art Deco accents make this Cricklewood holiday home fit for family

The master bedroom

The master bedroom - Credit: Archant

Called in to update a tired 1930s house on the Hocroft Estate in Cricklewood, LLI Design drew inspiration from some of the original deco-style features that came with the property.

The Art Deco-style bathroom

The Art Deco-style bathroom - Credit: Archant

This influence is seen most strongly in the master bedroom and en suite bathroom. The rooms came with black marble fittings, giving them a luxurious feel for the designers to build on.

“The clients wanted to work with the existing elements to create a 1930s deco-inspired scheme in the master bedroom and bathroom,” explains Sam Lee, a partner at the Highgate-based design company.

“They wanted somewhere plush and luxurious for the master suite, somewhere they could just hang out.”

The designers created this atmosphere with mirrored surfaces, glass accessories and opulent silk and velvet fabrics.

The oval-shaped TV room

The oval-shaped TV room - Credit: Archant

Judicious use of patterned wallpapers was a key element in these rooms, with a classic Cole & Son fan-print paper in the bathroom and a cherry blossom-printed accent wall behind the bed lending a hint of turn-of-the-century Japonisme.

This Hollywood-worthy boudoir acts as a sanctuary from the rest of the house, which the family use as a holiday home for a few months each year.

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They were keen to keep the spacious, open-plan layout of the rest of the house but wanted to make sure it still felt cosy and relaxed.

“The clients have a big family and often have cousins to stay, so the house is well used,” says Sam. “They wanted somewhere easy and comfortable where they could entertain.”

The living room with pops of vibrant red

The living room with pops of vibrant red - Credit: Archant

The family’s favourite bright colours were used to make the space warm and welcoming and provide a vibrant back drop to their modern furniture.

“It’s fairly easy to end up living in a rainbow if you go over the top with colour so we layered strong shades with some more subtle tones.

“Red is their favourite colour so we used a lot of strong pops of bright red in the living room along with grey and black.”

The house had some unusual architectural features, including the oval-shaped TV room, which they filled with rounded furniture to echo the forms.

Children's bedroom

Children's bedroom - Credit: Archant

The lime green and royal blue colour scheme was used in the furniture – including a bespoke curved sofa and a classic Arne Jacobsen egg chair – while the flooring and walls were kept neutral to avoid overwhelming the room with colour.

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