Cafe life and people watching are Hampstead perks for this agent

Simone Green, Associate Director, Chestertons

Simone Green, Associate Director, Chestertons - Credit: Archant

Simone Green, associate director of Chestertons, Hampstead, loves Hampstead Garden Suburb for being near the Heath but the cosmopolitan High Street lifestyle beckons – if all the grandchildren could come too.

What’s special about your agency?

We provide an exceptional service and treat all our applicants and landlords with a personal touch to guide them through every stage of renting a property. We have tenants returning to us time and time again even after their tenancy has finished and we tend to keep the same landlords for years and years who also recommend us to their friends and families.

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in Hampstead Garden Suburb with my husband of 37 years and our dog, Jasper, who is 11 years’ old

Why did you move to your current property? What’s your favourite thing about it?

We moved here two years ago and it is very much a traditional period mansion block. I love the old features of the property as well as living so close to Hampstead Village.

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If you weren’t an estate agent what would you be?

If I could turn back the clock, I would have loved to embark on a career as a chef. I love cooking.

When did you buy your first property and what was it like?

We bought a lovely house in Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1980 and it was very pretty, near Hampstead Heath and ideal for a young family.

What’s your dream house?

Living in an apartment in the heart of Hampstead Garden Suburb is easy living with excellent security, porter with small terrace and communal gardens. My dream home would be to live in Hampstead Village with a south facing terrace and enough bedrooms so that all my lovely grandchildren can stay with us at the same time.

How long have you been an estate agent? What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen on the job?

I have been in property most of my married life and I have to say that there is nothing much that either surprises me or that is shocking. One time I had a market appraisal at an allotted time and the owner met me in his towel – he had obviously just come out the shower. I wasn’t sure where to look!

How has the local property market changed since you started out?

The market has changed dramatically over the years – much faster pace with Internet, mobile phones and technology which has changed the way we work and most important of all, we are much more of a regulated industry which can only be a good thing

What are your top tips for the local area?

Hampstead is one of the prettiest areas to live in and it is a privilege to work in the Village. To be able to enjoy the variety of cafes and restaurants and especially being able to sit outside in the good weather and watch all the people going by

Are you good at Monopoly?

Definitely! As a family we have always played board games and, especially as I am in property, Monopoly is one of my favourite games to play.