Blind optimism: an online custom blind-making service for DIY cheats

Blinds in Spring Grey

Blinds in Spring Grey - Credit: Archant

Shamed by a half-finished attempt to make her own curtains, Bridget Galton finds salvation in an online bespoke blind-making service.

The grey carnation print Bridget chose

The grey carnation print Bridget chose - Credit: Archant

Am I the only one to have a shameful secret hiding under the bed?

Furtively wrapped in a plastic bag, gathering dust – you know what I’m talking about – it’s that half-finished DIY craft project.

Mine was conceived in domestic goddess-inspired optimism at eight months pregnant – a time when no woman should be let loose in John Lewis’ soft furnishings department.

There must be many such home decorating plans hatched as the nesting instinct kicks in.

Children's blinds in a Narnia print

Children's blinds in a Narnia print - Credit: Archant

Spot an outsize woman with a paintbrush varnishing her floorboards and chances are she’s about to go into labour.

Yours might be curtains or distressed furniture. The male equivalent as with a friend of mine - a half fnished pizza oven in the back garden.

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Despite the evidence of a Fashion and Fabrics GCSE no result, mine was roman blinds.

Well the child I was carrying is now nearly five, the batons from the roman blind kit are scattered to the winds, used for swords and den building, and the badly-sewn, oh so carefully chosen material is now probably motheaten.

Defeated by post baby sleep deprivation and instructions more complex than a mathematical proof, my unfinished project has now cost almost as much as a made-to-measure service.

Every time I stowed away my summer clothes I’d spot the bag and it would prick my conscience, taunting me with my failure.

I briefly considered enrolling on a sewing course just to get the damn thing finished, but lighter mornings and sagging bedroom blinds eventually forced the issue.

With oddly shaped windows that didn’t fit standard sizes, it had to be a bespoke service.

Within 10 days of logging onto I had a matching pair of made-to-measure roman blinds, backed with blackout material in a grey floral design not dissimilar to the one I had selected all those years ago, delivered to the door.

The online service is easy to navigate – after choosing from a good range of styles, colours and materials, in roller, roman, wooden or venetian blinds, you are guided through how to measure up for a snug fit – the best width and drop. For the recess or to sit above the window? With the draw cord to the left or the right?

My husband assures me they were pretty easy to put up and we are both delighted not to be woken with the dawn chorus. They look pretty good too. As for the contents of the bag under the bed. I’m sure I could turn them into cushions, if I could just borrow someone’s sewing machine…

Part of Hillary’s group all blinds come with a three year guarantee and start from around £50 depending on size and material.