5 tips for planting a living roof

Sedum plants suitable for a living roof

Sedum plants suitable for a living roof - Credit: Archant

Living roofs have all sorts of benefits for the environment, as well as creating additional green space for you to enjoy. Here’s what to consider if you’re thinking of installing one yourself.

:: Make sure to plant a mix of species. This will help ensure that the roof will maintain itself more easily

:: Consider the slope of the roof. The nearer to the top of the roof a plant is, the less water it will get, so ensure species planted near the top of a slope are fairly draught-proof

:: Plant in spring or autumn. This will reduce the need for watering as the plants establish

:: Try and do the install last thing. Install and plant the green roof last, otherwise it can get trampled by workmen working on other parts of the project

:: Get advice from a landscaping expert. Left to their own devices, builders may not pay attention to what they plant where and so your species may not thrive, for example if there’s too much shade