5 simple steps to add timeless style to your interiors

Fromental chinoiserie wallpaper

Fromental chinoiserie wallpaper - Credit: Archant

Decorating your home is an expensive and time-consuming project but it doesn’t have to be something you do often if you follow these five simple steps.

Living room by dk Interiors

Living room by dk Interiors - Credit: Archant

1. Invest in design classics

The Knoll Platner Collection

The Knoll Platner Collection - Credit: Archant

Yes, thousands of pounds for a chair is expensive. Yes, it’s not possible for everybody, but if you can afford it, it is worth spending as much as you can on signature pieces that will remain stylish, even as trends change.

The Platner Collection, designed by architect and interior designer Walter Platner has been in continuous production by Knoll since it was first released in 1966 thanks to its stripped-back design.

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2. Mix in some good quality vintage or antique pieces

Walnut sofas by George Nakashima

Walnut sofas by George Nakashima - Credit: Archant

You can add style, flair and personality with objects that nobody else will have. Items from named designers or brands from 20 plus years ago have already fallen out of fashion, once they’re re-instated it tends to be for good.

This isn’t just any old bric-a-brac though, tat won’t last the duration. Instead, trawl auctions and specialist shops and see what strikes your fancy.

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3. Commission something that will be uniquely yours

Fromental wallpaper

Fromental wallpaper - Credit: Archant

The investment of both time and money may make you hate said item in the short term, but in the longterm you’ll have quality decor that matches your taste and personality, rather than fleeting trends.

These Fromental hand-painted wallpapers are like functional works of art. The duo who make them are influenced by art and design from throughout the ages, meaning they don’t date, unlike a paint colour, and can work with any style of decor.

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4. Choose the best wool carpet you can afford

Emma Farkas carpet choice

Emma Farkas carpet choice - Credit: Archant

Interior designer Emma Farkas says: “Buy a really good wool carpet for your stairs. It will last you years and years.

“Train your family to take their shoes off. You can clean it, you can brush it and it will last and last.”

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5. Work with the period of your home

Living room by dk Interiors

Living room by dk Interiors - Credit: Archant

If you live in a period property that’s bursting with original features, make the most of them, even if your style is more contemporary.

In fact, not only will combining old and new with sensitivity stop your home looking like a stage set for a period drama, it will also make it easier to update gradually without upsetting the entire scheme.

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