Photographers show off their work to mark society’s 75th anniversary

Members met at Burgh House in Hampstead for exhibition of work

Hampstead Photographic Society is marking its 75th anniversary with a look back through time.

The club, founded in 1937, celebrated its current good health at Burgh House in New End Square, Hampstead, last Wednesday with an exhibition of members’ work and a display on the history of the society.

David Reed, chairman of the society, said: “Our members seek to produce more than just snapshots of the banalities of our lives.

“We really do try to communicate through photography, striving to make images which add something to our world. Some of us succeed very well and even the simplest works can have value.

“At the same time, we all enjoy learning how to improve our work and how to get the best from our ever-more sophisticated equipment.

“We like hearing how photography is used in all areas of life and how to make our own personal images more interesting.”

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The exhibition is at Burgh House until August 27.