Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust will return to full financial health this year

The Hampstead Garden Suburb (HGS) Trust will achieve financial health this coming financial year after several years in the red, it was announced at the annual general meeting on Wednesday (September 12).

The Trust has been in debt for around seven years due to the fact that it used to subsidise an annual management fee that homeowners pay, which is used to maintain the Suburb’s unique character.

Chairman Angus Walker, who took over at the helm of the Trust five years ago, has been working to restore the trust to full financial health.

Angus Walker said: “The Trust continues to consolidate its finances so that it can, year by year, act even more effectively in the support of charitable activities on the Suburb and in the restoration and maintenance of the Suburb’s amenities.

“It will also, it is hoped, be able to begin to tackle major issues like getting all those concerned to collaborate in restoring the hard landscaping and improving the management of the trees and horticulture in Central Square.”

During the meeting, Prof Judith Channey stepped down as one of four elected trustees.

Claire Calman and Dr Gloria Moss, who are both candidates for the vacant position, each made a statement in support of their election bid and answered questions put to them.

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Election results will be announced on October 1.