A Pankhust poses in 1908 while 50 years later, a black princess encounters colour bar

100 YEARS AGO 29 February 1908 A meeting of the Co-Educational Public Schools Trust is held in Highgate to support the idea of boys and girls being brought up together. A speaker said that the vast mass of men and women in this country are educated toget


29 February 1908

A meeting of the Co-Educational Public Schools Trust is held in Highgate to support the idea of boys and girls being brought up together. A speaker said that the vast mass of men and women in this country are educated together - he referred to the poorer classes - with great advantage to themselves, and the system was now extending to other classes.

Miss Christabel Pankhurst, the well known suffragist, sits for a portrait model at Madame Tussauds which will form part of a 'Women's Suffrage' group to be placed close to a Cabinet group of the present Government.

Nine Kilburn boys, respectably dressed, ranging in age from 13 to nine years, are charged with breaking and entering a Kilburn High Road shop and stealing confectionery. The magistrate orders all but the youngest boy to be birched, in order to deter other boys from doing such things.

The Great Northern Railway Company is summoned for allowing volumes of dense black smoke to be emitted from four of their engines at Hornsey station. He is fined 40s with costs.

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A motorist summoned for driving a motor car at a speed of over 31 miles an hour in the Great North Road, Whetstone, said his car could not possibly do 30 miles an hour. The Bench said that the police stop watches were accurate. They were fined 40s.


28 February 1958

A Nigerian princess says Hampstead is where she wants to live but she can't find anywhere because of the colour bar. She says she didn't expect to find such an attitude in Hampstead but says it is all too true all over London.

A 76-year-old widow who told the Queen she was being evicted from her lifelong home in Canfield Gardens burst into tears of gratitude to the man who has been called "Minister of Evictions" Mr Henry Brooke. For it is Hampstead's MP, she claims, who has saved her home for her and she will now be offered a new lease.

The most modern church in north-west London - with an olive green angled ceiling, blueberry walls and a 12ft cross against roughcast plaster - has opened. The Chalk Farm Baptist church has been rebuilt on the foundations of the old church in Berkley Road, Kentish Town.

Pigeons in Big Wood, Hampstead Garden Suburb, are to be shot. Finchley Council agreed to this following a request from a local allotment association, because the pigeons are damaging crops on the allotments.

Swiss Cottage shopkeepers fear that when the LCC's giant road widening scheme takes place - said to be within 10 years - their shops will be pulled down and no alternative site will be offered to them. The traffic scheme includes a giant "squareabout" and the demolition of the shops and offices at the south end of College Crescent.


25 February 1983

Architects have been ordered to cut £2 million off the cost of the controversial Alexandra Palace redevelopment, which is still awaiting the go-ahead from the Department of the Environment. Haringey's Alexandra Palace Committee has decided that the cost should be reduced to around £34 million.

Plans for a monorail at Alexandra Palace have been halted because the feasibility study alone would be too costly.

Barnet Council is to appoint an arts officer this year - by cutting its funding for voluntary arts groups in the borough.

The future of the Production Village, one man's attempt to put Cricklewood on the map with or without planning permission, could rest on the result of a planning inquiry. The owner who runs the Production Village and its two pubs, restaurant, theatre and other facilities, asked a government inspector not to force the closure of a complex which had often been referred to as "an oasis in a desert".

Camden's senior officers attend a two-day seminar on equal opportunities and women's rights, at which the lecturers hired by Camden are earning no less than £250 a day. A council spokeswoman said: "They are all very high-powered people." He described the total cost of £12,000 for a series of seminars as a modest cost for this type of course.

One immediate outcome of the course is that the council is likely to abolish the post of foreman because it is so sexist and replace it with the word supervisor. Even the title manager is likely to go out of the window, together with sewerman, roadman and even dustman.


27 February 1998

The future of one of Hampstead's oldest restaurants was in the balance this week as its owner admitted that it is "under offer" and its latest manager has walked out. The Cosmo restaurant in Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage, has been dishing up Eastern European food to a large Jewish refugee clientele for more than 60 years.

A 26-year-old homeless man is charged with burglary after allegedly breaking into a house in Hampstead, drinking all the alcohol in the drinks cabinet and falling asleep. The slumbering man was found by the home owners when they returned from a night out. Their children and baby-sitter were asleep upstairs.

Three hundred people crowded into a hall in Child's Way to hear Barnet Council officers justify their decision to implement controversial road works in Temple Fortune. Last October Barnet put in new traffic islands, moved bus stops, widened kerbs and built new crossing ramps along the busy shopping centre in Finchley Road. The scheme was halted last month after complaints from residents.

Compiled by Anne Rowe