Luxury interior design requires the very highest level of service and exceptional attention to detail, especially among a London clientele.

Juliette Thomas, owner of award-winning, Chelsea-based Juliettes Interiors, focuses on everything from individual luxury items to complete, high-end design installations.

Here, she suggests her top tips in luxury interior design:

Look for inspiration

Ham & High: 'Think about what you will do within a room and how many people the space needs to accommodate,' says Juliette'Think about what you will do within a room and how many people the space needs to accommodate,' says Juliette (Image: Juliettes Interiors)

Gather designs from magazines and websites that appeal to you; this will help you or your interior designer to get started.

As professional interior designers ourselves, we can always work from a blank canvas to complete an entire design of a room or whole property based on what we think will work well for our clients. We do, however, often suggest that our clients let us know if they see anything they particularly like.

Focus on functionality

How a space will be used is as important as its aesthetic appearance: think about what you will do within a room and how many people the space needs to accommodate.

When contemplating a living room design, consider whether you will be entertaining there and, if so, how many people it needs to accommodate.

The age of any children and whether you have pets might also be areas of consideration.

Look at your personal items

Consider your personal items and decide which ones you would like to retain.

These could be anything from a sumptuous sofa or another piece of luxury furniture that you particularly like; it could be a painting or other work of art you wish to display.

Your room could then be designed around these pieces – and the items themselves could provide inspiration for a whole new installation.

Think about colour

Ham & High: Bespoke pieces can be made exclusively to suit your requirementsBespoke pieces can be made exclusively to suit your requirements (Image: Juliettes Interiors)

We often need to bring an accent of colour into a new home interior design in order to offer a splash of contrast, so spend some time thinking about what you like.

Sometimes people want a particular colour incorporated for a personal reason – one client of ours, for example, requested lavender because he spends a lot of time in Provence.

Remember products can be bespoke

Luxury interior design very often involves the supply of individual, bespoke pieces that are either made exclusively for a client or are customised significantly to suit their requirements.

Luxury furniture, furnishings and accessories can all be created especially for your new design or to meet your own very precise specifications.

Consider textures

As luxury interior designers, we are seeing our London clients incorporating lots of taupe shades, oyster colours and champagnes; these are then layered with contrasting textures to add warmth, depth and interest.

At this end of the market, we are looking at luxury finishes such as high-gloss lacquers and striking wood veneers, studded details, brushed metallics, rich veined marbles and exquisite, innovative fabrics or nubuck leathers.

Think about the whole picture

Although you need to like every element of your luxury home interior design you also need to consider each piece as part of the complete vision.

Once you see how well everything works together, individual items can look very different.

Likewise, lighting, colour and design have to be considered all together, not separately. This is where the artistic flair and experience of a talented interior designer can make all the difference. Our expertise is in pulling all the elements of the design together to create a cohesive and spectacular whole.

Be realistic about time

Luxury interior design projects can take months, depending on the size of the property.

Remember, everything is being chosen or made individually and then carefully planned as a whole and brought together. This is not something to be rushed.

Consider employing a professional

Professional interior designers take on all the stress by offering a full project management service.

As well as designing your space and sourcing all products, we co-ordinate all the various contractors and ensure everything is completed within a timely programme and on budget.

Take the first step

Sometimes all you need is an initial consultation with an experienced London interior designer.

Even if you don’t end up committing to a whole project, you may well find you have been given some very useful and valuable advice.

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