A Hackney husband and wife visited the Town Hall yesterday, to celebrate their diamond anniversary.

Jack and Hilda Chalkley got married in 1962 at Hackney Town Hall.

The "Hackney boy" told the Gazette how he had met his wife at work when he was 18 years old and an apprentice printer.

Jack, who was born in 1940 and grew up on Victoria Park Road, said after celebrating 60 years of marriage: "We had a most wonderful day."

%image(15006646, type="article-full", alt="The couple, who now live in a retirement flat in Romford, celebrated their diamond anniversary by visiting Hackney")

Jack and Hilda got their first flat together in Shoreditch, and, in 1965, they had their first child Tracey. Their second daughter, Michele was born in 1967.

Jack offered some advice for married couples.

"You't got to be friends," he said.

%image(15006647, type="article-full", alt="Jack and Hilda on the steps of Hackney Town Hall, revisiting the place where they got married 60 years ago")

"We've got a lot in common which helps, 60 years is not easy.

"You've got to be lovers, friends and really care about one another, because you're going to go through some sticky patches - everybody does."

%image(15006648, type="article-full", alt="Jack says the key to a long marriage is being "friends" and having things in common")

Jack and Hilda now live in a retirement flat in Romford.