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Using evergreens in the garden

Evergreens will form a backbone to the winter garden that ensures you have something of interest to look all through the year, says award-winning gardener Kate Gould

How to achieve paving perfection

The world of hard landscaping materials can be a minefield; a boggling array of new or reclaimed, natural or manmade paving, softwood, hardwood or manmade decking, decorative aggregates and feature stones in a myriad of colours, shapes and sizes – and that’s even before we touch on the subject of grouts and pointing.

Spring gardening essential checklist

Spring is in the air, kicking off the busiest time of the year for a gardener. Happily the hard work of preparing your garden for the productive months ahead is softened by the beautiful displays of bulbs that will start popping up about now, says award-winning gardener Kate Gould