How to keep your garden alive while you’re on holiday

If you’re away for a fortnight in the summer holidays and don’t want to return to bedraggled borders, dried-out pots and a lawn which looks like straw, take action now.

Low-maintenance – yes, really – summer gardening

Can a garden truly be a garden and still be low maintenance? Depends upon your notion of what gardening is says award-winning gardener Kate Gould.

Pick of the crop: what to plant now for a better harvest

We all want to be picking plenty of veg from our allotments, borders and containers – but there are ways to maximise the chances of a better harvest

Choose climbing plants as garden fillers

Do you have a tall space you’d like to fill with fragrant blooms? Or perhaps an eyesore you want to mask? The answer may be in a carefully chosen climbing plant, whether it’s roses around the door or velvet blue wisteria dripping from the house wall, fragrant sweet peas in a pot to enjoy as soon as you open the patio door or an arbour covered in the saucer-sized clematis blooms.

Gardening behind bars

For some time now we’ve all known that gardening is among the best pastimes for both physical and mental wellbeing – but it’s also being used to help rehabilitate prisoners and give them hope for the future.

Gardening trends from Chelsea Flower Show

Subtle planting, soft blue, gentle pinks and white palettes, plus a focus on naturalistic designs and a strong health and wellbeing message formed a big part of Chelsea Flower Show this year.

DIY hanging baskets are a great option for the garden

You can buy hanging baskets pretty cheaply these days from garden centres, but the choice of colour and plant is often limited, so it’s much more satisfying to do it yourself.

5 tips for painting garden wood

Colours for garden wood have come a long way since you could get brown or green and little else. Now you can choose from a myriad of different hues, so your outside space can be just as colourful as the inside.

Exercises for functional fitness through gardening

While so many of us pound away in the gym in our efforts to keep fit, burn calories and lose a few pounds, remember there is a great outdoor arena in your garden which can help you do just that.

Stamp out green-fingered theft

Each year, property owners lose millions of pounds worth of garden equipment, including mowers, furniture, expensive statuary and ornaments and even York stone paving slabs and turf. Here are ways to minimise the risk of theft:

Spring gardening essential checklist

Spring is in the air, kicking off the busiest time of the year for a gardener. Happily the hard work of preparing your garden for the productive months ahead is softened by the beautiful displays of bulbs that will start popping up about now, says award-winning gardener Kate Gould

Make spring gardening childsplay

The Easter holidays are upon us and there’s no better time than spring to engage the kids with gardening projects, or take them to outdoor places which will both inspire and delight them.

How to grow hard to propogate plants from cuttings – layering

There are some plants that just don’t do very well with traditional propagation from cuttings – rhododendrons, camellias, honeysuckles and daphnes are just a few. But many ‘problem plants’ can be propagated by a method called layering.

The best of the garden and what to do this week

Spring is on the horizon so now is the time to prepare your autumn-fruiting raspberries and enjoy the season’s favourite flower – daffodils.

What to do in the garden this week

Bring elegant brights to your borders this week, plus your guide to growing perfectly red and sweet rhubarb

Gifts for a green-fingered Valentine

So, what to get your green-fingered loved one on Valentine’s Day? Of course, the classic gift is a dozen red roses, but there are many more tokens which will last much longer...

How to get the most from your potato crop

If you’re already ‘chitting’ your seed potatoes and waiting for those valuable shoots to appear on the tubers before planting out, be aware that this process may be the least of your worries.

What to do in the garden this week

Which essential seasonal gardening chores should you do this week and which plants will benefit from a little extra tlc right now?

Dos and don’ts of planning a town garden

Garden designer Kate Gould explores the challenges involved in laying out a small garden

The best holidays for garden enthusiasts

Garden enthusiasts wanting to broaden their horticultural horizons can now travel the world for inspiration, as companies offer holidays which take in everything from gourmet gardens to flower and fruit festivals, plant collections, ecological insights, alpine attractions and botanical wonders.

How to boost bird numbers in your back garden

The unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing has had an impact on the bird population. Here’s how to boost numbers and tempt them to your garden

Embrace weeds, wildflowers and grasses for a wildlife-friendly garden

As the trend towards naturalistic gardens continues this year, tidy gardeners with pristine plots may need to chill out a bit if they want to really contribute to the balance of nature.

Gardening trends for 2016

As we plan for new beds, borders, patio plantings and hard landscaping, it’s a good time to find out what followers of fashion will be doing to their gardens in the New Year

Perfect presents for armchair gardeners: best of the books

As you sit by the fire enjoying your glass of mulled wine and mince pie, now’s a good time to start planning your garden for next year – and there are plenty of ideas out there in books

The best Christmas garden produce

Don’t neglect your garden this festive season. Here are essential chores of the week and the best Christmas plants

To poinsettia or not to poinsettia? Which winter houseplants are best for 2015/16?

The poinsettia has historically been the time-honoured Christmas favourite – but figures suggest it may be falling out of favour. Here are some hip alternatives, and how to care for them

Make your own festive displays the natural way

As the festive season begins, there’s no better time to have a wander in your garden to see what greenery you might be able to use to make your own decorations for your table, windowsill or front door

Branching out into small spaces for National Tree Week

If you think that you can only plant a tree if you have a large garden, think again. There’s a plethora of trees out there, which are compact, but look amazing as stand-alone features in a small space, providing colour, texture and form to a smaller garden.

Choosing hard landscaping materials

The weather at this time of year is terrible for grass, so if you’re doing your garden, you may want to consider a patio. Here’s what to consider before cracking on

Gardening: Give your lawn a winter pick-me-up

So many of us leave our aerating and scarifying until spring, yet lawns will benefit from a pick-me-up now before winter sets in

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